General thoughts on Adobe Flex 2.0

November 4, 2006

I’ve been working with Flex now for just over a year, starting with Flex 1.5. At the time I kind of stumbled onto it through a blog post (can’t recollect which) and decided to try it out. Though Flex 1.5 was interesting, and the eye candy it allowed me to produce exciting, the price tag was not for the weary. Flex 2.0 however changed all that.  

The Flex community in general has grown quite rapidly since it’s release, and as most programming communities it’s members are quite warm, helpful, and tolerant with new comers to the domain. 

The workflow in Flex 2.0 was greatly improved, and the need for a back end Java server was removed. This is where I think Flex 2.0 has really grown up. As an RIA framework Flex 2.0 is now ready for the masses. The Flash runtime player now at version 9.0 was updated to accommodate this change, allowing Adobes vision for Flex to progress from a strictly enterprise development platform, into a platform that can easily be deployed to any server without a costly infrastructure to support it. 

When using Flex for the first time you will feel lost until you get your bearings, as is the case with any new language. However once you get your head around the platform you’ll start to see those wow moments that we as developers so often crave. Your imagination will finally once again become invigorated, and your creative juices will once again flow freely. 

The RIA product space is moving quickly. Desktop applications as we know them are changing. The giants are moving into position, and the players are picking teams. Yet; the door is not closed for the little guy. A single developer has as much chance as any company to create a killer web application. This hasn’t been so since Windows was first put in front of us.

Adobe Flex 2.0 is an arsenal of tools that any developer can embrace, enjoy, and use to ride the white waters of the internets next generation web applications.  

Hopefully, as time goes by, I can share with you some tips that’ll make your ride a little bit smoother.

One Response to “General thoughts on Adobe Flex 2.0”

  1. Xstroy Says:

    I can not believe that it has been four years since the release of this post …

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