Adobe Flex 2.0.1 available with Mac version

January 10, 2007

Adobe has released the latest and greatest version of the Flex product line. There are quite a lot of fixes and improvements. See below links. The modules frame work is included for larger applications, I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with that, as well as the runtime CSS styling, a feature much anticipated. 

Mac users will be happy to hear that the official Mac version is released. Now that that’s out of the way perhaps a Linux version is on the horizon. 

Some folks have had trouble with the new version. Compiling problems, changes that effect their project etc. Be sure to check out FlexCoders if your having trouble. Apparently some new bug’s have also surfaced. Again check out the news group for these.

Depending on your project you may have to work around a couple of small things. I have not yet noticed anything that would make me switch back to 2.0.  

All in all; the Flex team has done a great job !

Best of health to all for 2007.


Realease Notes

Flex Builder Updater 

Flex Builder trial  


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