A great example of Degrafa for Flex in Action

July 6, 2007

Juan Sanchez from ScaleNine just posted another great example on the Degrafa blog that showcases some of the power of Degrafa (Declarative Graphics Framework). Juan also talks briefly about how Degrafa works to help close the designer/developer gap.

With just a few lines of MXML mark-up and the Degrafa framework Juan was able to create a working complex visual in very little time. A must see!

All Degrafa mark-up, no embedded assets, no messing with the graphics api’s via action script.

Beautiful work Juan!

Stay tuned for many more examples of Degrafa in action.

Until the ping for Degrafa.com is setup on mxna (hopefully soon) we will be posting on our respective blogs to point to new content on the Degrafa blog as it’s published.

Jason Hawryluk

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